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Information about printing and presenting photos

You love photography and don't want your average junk on your wall? Welcome. Let me help you!


There is no such thing as 'just printing a photo'. In addition to many technical conditions, there are also a lot of choices for you as a customer, and restrictions that will show the photo better.  


1. Paper Types

A photo is classically printed on paper, but each type has its own  advantage and/or disadvantage. That's why I chose:

- FineArt (colour) is extra matt and gives a warm appearance due to the yellow tint of the paper.

- FineArt FibaPrint (black and white) is extra matt, and thanks to the highest possible resolution and the most subtle tonal range, it reproduces every small detail even better.

Other available paper types are available on request and depending on the photo:

- Fuji Glossy (gloss) can  increase vibrancy and depth.

- Fuji Luster (matte/satin gloss) is good for framing and not very sensitive to fingerprints and dust.

- Fuji Glossy Pearl (gloss) gives a pearlescent/metallic effect, which can improve the spatial and depth effect in fashion, architecture and portrait photography.

- Fuji Crystal Archive (gloss) gives even blacker blacks and a more intense  color range.

- Fuji Velvet (matte) is a sensual, deep paper suitable for adding a subtle, soft look to subtle wedding, portrait or New Born photos.

- Inkjet Luster (matte) is based on ink, gives a true color rendering and is ideal for portrait photography.

- Inkjet Luster (black and white) gives radiant white,  deep blacks and radiant colors.

2. Dibond

Dibond is a combination of two layers of aluminum with polyethylene in between, and is weather resistant. You can print directly on the dibond, but there are still options:

- standard I print on FineArt paper

- other paper types  of your choice (see above) can also be dressed on dibond (price on request).

- a (glossy) layer of Plexiglas can be applied to the dibond print or the paper print for protection.

3. Canvas, wood, forex,  PVC etc.

A printer can basically print on anything. Depending on the structure, a lot of detail can be lost. That is why I prefer to only work with dibond and/or photo paper.  


A photo print on paper can either be glued onto dibond or put in a frame for hanging. I recommend the following models (and you can go and see or compare them if necessary). These prices are for a frame of max. 60  x 40 cm (incl. VAT, prices subject to change, larger sizes on request):

- Accent alu black (budget): €30 (60 x 40)

- Quadrum Pitch Black (wood grain): €45

- Alpha El. black matte (luxury):  €50

- Apha TC El. black matt (anti-reflective glass):  €95


You can order these models in the SHOP .  

suspension systems

You order a photo on dibond, then you also need a hanging system. There are many options on the market, so you can either look around yourself or I will offer you an invisible system, with brackets to be glued and a holder to be drilled into the wall. For lighter works (up to 2 kg) they cost 15 euros, for heavier ones (up to 4 kg) 20 euros (incl. shipping). You can order HERE .


As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless. So be sure to contact me with questions or for a quote. I'm happy to help you  to help fill your wall(s), so you can buy art carefree at the best value for money!

Do you have any questions or do you want to start ordering?  Enter your info and message, and I will contact you soon!
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